The Bay of Fundy contains the highest tides in the world, which provide nutrient rich waters that support a rich diversity of marine life. Home to 22 species of whales and dolphins, the Bay of Fundy provides critical habitat for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. The Bay also contains rich mudflats and tidal salt marshes, which provide critical feeding areas for over 1 million migratory shorebirds each year. The deeper waters of the bay support deep sea corals, and horse mussel reefs.

CPAWS has been working to encourage the establishment of a National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) within the Outer Bay of Fundy and encourage the government to undertake comprehensive marine network planning for the entire Bay. Some progress has been made over the past year by DFO Maritimes Region to undertake marine network planning, including establishing the Bay of Fundy as a separate zone requiring MPA establishment and some initial analysis of high priority sites. No progress has been made by Parks Canada for an NMCA.